The Elder Law and Disability Rights Center

Ensuring access to justice and education through legal services for seniors, people with disabilities, and their families.

About Us

Closing the Justice Gap


In a growing national trend, the Elder Law and Disability Rights Center is working to close the justice gap through free and low cost legal services.

Protecting Civil Rights of People Without Homes


Orange County can end homelessness. We have the land, we have the funding, and we have a manageable housing crisis.

We lack the political will to take action.

 The ELDR Center is successfully litigating our third case in two years in Federal Court. Our goal is to mitigate harm to vulnerable people who have been neglected for decades. We do this by pushing cities to end practices of seizing and destroying property or criminalizing unavoidable behavior like sleeping or sitting. Finally, we work towards permanent solutions including housing, transitional options, and emergency shelters.

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